How to make home-made malaysian style soya bean milk

How to make home-made malaysian style soya bean milk

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Soak 1 cup of organic soy beans in filtered water overnight, top it up and bear mind that the beans will expand, so add extra water to compensate.

Once they have been left overnight, run through the beans to remove the outer 'skin' (painstaking process, but worth it)

Drain the beans in a colander and let the beans sit for an hour or so...

Inspect the beans again and remove any beans that looked discolored or spoilt. Then, blend the beans in a blender to a 1:3 ratio (soy beans: filtered water), do in batches

Drain the blended mixture into boiling pot or stock pot lined with cheese cloth, discard the fibre.

Stir in syrup (to taste) and ginger juice. Some prefer to have this preparation added at the point of serving. This works too. A pinch of salt will ease the stringent taste of the soy milk.

Slowly bring to a boil stirring constantly to avoid having the mixture boil over. Knot 2 pandan leaves (Screwpine leaves) and boil with mixture. Alternatively, you can substitute with vanilla essence

After stirring and boiling mixture for 40 minutes or so, cool down the mixture. As it cools down, little bean curds should form, remove with slotted spoon and serve it with syrup. The milk is done.

Chill the soy milk before serving. The soy curd by products are best eaten warm and fresh.

Voila! The milk is done... Enjoy :)

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