How to create a pendant lamp from coffee filters

How to create a pendant lamp from coffee filters

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You need a 16-inch diameter paper lantern (Choose your preferred size), a pack of 200 pcs of basket type coffee filters (you'll need more for a larger lantern), a jar of poster paint.

You also need: Glue gun and glue sticks (I used a small one coz its easier to manipulate) and a bowl to support your lantern.

Unpack your coffee filters. Separate them one by one to form a new stack. This process is necessary for painting the tips. However, you can keep the coffee filters white if you choose to do so.

Put your stacked filters on a tray. Dilute some poster paint in water then brush over the tips. Let it dry. Tip: you can use other colors. Green would give it a green hydrangea look.

Expand your paper lantern per instructions in the pack. You need an assistant to do this. I'm glad I have Gustav, my red Russian teddy bear. :-)

It's time to work on the "petals." Take a coffee filter and squish it to achieve a flower form.

Flip it over and flatten the bottom. This will allow you to put glue on it.

Stick the petal on the lantern, leaving approximately 2 inches of space from the edge.

Continue working around the lantern, repeating the same process. Notice that the bowl becomes a handy tool to prevent your lantern from rolling over.

Now lets work on the petals for the edges where the openings are located. Fold a coffee filter in half.

Fold it again sideways to create a smaller fan. Then fold the pointed tip a third of the way upward just like in the picture. This will allow you to put glue on it.

Stick filter on the edge of the opening with the pointed tip pointing inward. This will be covered later. I used 4 filters going around the edges. Continue sticking petals to cover the 2-inch space.

Notice that in the finished product, the edges are barely noticeable.

Now to install the light. I chose a 50-watt bulb based on the table that came with the paper lantern. I had someone to install it for me. If you decide to DIY, be safe! Just buy a pendant lamp kit.

And here's the finished pendant lamp, hanging over our dining table. Hope you found this helpful! Merry Christmas!

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