How to get beautiful no-heat curls overnight

How to get beautiful no-heat curls overnight

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I just want to add, before I start: my hair NEVER curls. Ever. It's thin and slick and straight. Despite that, this technique works GREAT for me. TRY IT.

Take a shower, or get your hair wet.

Add curling mousse to your damp hair. I use this kind, but I'm sure it doesn't make a difference what kind you use.

I live in HIGH humidity, so I also add anti-frizz serum to my damp hair. But this is probably a good idea wherever you live. And yes, the bottle is on my head.

Wait until your hair is dry, then move on to next step.

Take your simple headband...

And wrap it around your head, hippie-style. Notes: make sure your hair is parted and combed well.

Take about a 1 inch section of hair, starting in the front, and wrap it around the band.

That's what it should look like, at this stage!

And that's the basic idea! Keep curling your hair all the way around the band to the back of your head. Make sure to pull them pretty tight (depending on how tight you want your curls).

Also... Make sure to push your "curls" close to each other so you have room for all of your hair.

When you get to the last strand in the back, just wrap it as many times as you can then tuck in the ends into the "roll" of hair you made.

From the back. I laid on the right side so that's why it's a little messed up, but as you can see, it doesn't have to be too perfect!

VOILA!! You're done! Just relax for a couple hours or sleep with your hair this way...

Take out the band just by pulling it back and shaking your hair loose, and revel in your beautiful curls!

I flip my head and hair around and spray it a couple times with pump hairspray, just to set the curls and loosen them up a bit....

... Other than that, this is exactly how my hair came out of the band! Enjoy!

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