How to make a 270calorie complete hot breakfast

How to make a 270calorie complete hot breakfast

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Choose your choice of low cal low fat and high fiber bread. Today I decided rye instead of my boring double fiber bread 2 slices of Rye have only....

120 calories for 2 slices! ( if you wanted to halve this sandwich, you could cut out out 60 calories by eliminating 1 slice of bread)

Toast, if you'd like.

Heat your frying pan

Portion your egg whites. I did 3 tablespoons at 25 calories.

Choose your cheese (if you want): low sodium, low fat =70 calories per slice. I did 1slice, and I consider this my splurge!

Rather than fatty bacon, choose another protein. Today I did low sodium turkey- 1 oz has 25 calories. Other days I may do 1 slice of Ed Hipps Turkey bacon (40 calories).

Today,I again splurged and did not do water. I opted for a semi sugary drink: 50cal orange juice (for 8 o, be sure to portion!)


Boom: 270 calorie complete hot breakfast with juice! A nice Saturday alternative to the mundane weekly yogurt or almonds-on-the-go breakfast!

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