How to make chicken parmesan

How to make chicken parmesan

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Get all of you ingredients together that you will be using, and preheat oven to 350 degrees.

In a bowl beat eggs together.

In another bowl, add bread crumbs, pepper, garlic salt, and Lowrys seasoning salt. Mix together.

Put chicken breast into egg. Flip over to get the other side also.

Coat the chicken breast in the bread crumb mixture, making sure to coat both sides.

Fry the chicken breast in the oil until cooked. Making sure it is cooked throughout. I usually cook it 6-8 minutes for each side.

While chicken is cooking, add some spaghetti sauce to bottom of a pan.

When chicken is fully cooked, add it to the pan, with a spoon add some more spaghetti sauce on top of the chicken breasts. Add a slice of mozzerella cheese to each,and put into oven.

The end results.

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