How to make strap clamp from tie downs

How to make strap clamp from tie downs

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Your typical ratcheting tie downs. These are from Home Depot, I bought them for $13.97 for four. The strap clamp that they sell comes in a one pack and costs 12.97.

Cut the strap off of the ratchet and the hook off the other strap piece.

Sew the long strap on to the ratchet with a box and a "X" through it where you cut the original strap off.

That's it now you finish the other 3 and you have 4 ratcheting strap clamps for about $15 and 20 min of time.

Strap clamps work on numerous projects I use it for holding the legs together on a stool while waiting for the glue to dry. Also can be good for drawers or picture frames and other odd shaped items.

Watch the video: Dont use a ratchet strap without watching this!