How to put together a humdinger

How to put together a humdinger

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Set the construction board in the base . Note that the hole 10 is closer to the edge than hole 1. Put a short stick in holes 2, 4, 7, and 10.

Use masking tape to secure a cell holder to the board as illustrated. Its left bottom edges should be flush with the edges of the construction base.

Position paper clip as shown in the photo.

Bend the inner end straight out to the left side.

Bend the large loop down and off to the left side.

Rotate the loop 90 degrees. The reshaped clip should look like the paper clip in the photo.

Slip the straight end of the paper clip into the Fahnstock clip at the top of the cell holder as shown in the picture.

Lay one motor lead along a long stick so the wire sticks out just a bit past the end of the stick. Tape it in place with masking tape. Bend the exposed tip of the wire downward.

Slide the binder clip onto the long stick about one-third of the way back from the exposed end of the motor lead.

Slide the binder clip handles on stick 4. You may have to adjust the clip in order for it to touch the wire properly. The exposed end of the wire should be inside the loop of the paper clip.

Insert the other motor wire into the other clip. Work the lever so the wire tip comes down into the bottom of the loop of the paper clip. It should complete the circuit and the motor should run.

Run two rubber bands through the bell handle. Slip both ends of one band over stick 7 and both ends of the other band over stick 10.

Tie a string to the stick as shown and run it through hole 5.

Slip a rubber band around the lever right under stick 2. Slide both ends of the band over stick 2.

Remove the construction board from the base. Use a piece of masking tape to secure the motor to the base. Put the construction board back into the base.

Put a small masking tape flag on the shaft of the motor.

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